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What is Klasea?

Klasea is a platform designed to offer a high quality real-time online education for both teachers and students, creating a community of easy and safe interaction between users.

Moreover, you will have a lesson planning software with which you will no longer have to worry about whether your students have received the link of your class.

Why is Klasea better than other platforms?

There are currently many options for videoconferencing. Still, most are simply focused on being a business teams communication tool.

Klasea it is not a simple video conference.

It is designed exclusively for education. It allows you plan your classes, upload the necessary material for your classes, and teach them in the easiest way possible. All your study groups in the same place.

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Plan your Classes

With Klasea you can plan all your classes and not have to worry about sending the link to each of your students.

Make life easier for both you and them!

Simply by accessing Klasea, they will be able to see all the links of the future sessions that you have planned, no matter the app you use.

Inside the Class

Klasea offers unlimited videoconferencing with features designed exclusively for the interaction between users.

Among them you will find:

  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Real-time document editing
  • Quick surveys creation
  • Real-time video sharing
  • Group work rooms

Among many others that you will discover.

Online Privacy

Enjoy total privacy in your classes thanks to our unique room identification system.

Besides, all your communications, both audio and video, are connections between P2P users, and once the class is over, you will never be able to access it again.

For schools

Does your school need a platform to organize and give classes online?

Contact us to discover everything Klasea has for your school.

With endless customization options, adapt Klasea to the image of your school and make it feel like your platform.

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